Amherst Ohio Visitor Guide

Hollstein Reservation
Mercy Health & Recreation Center

(440) 984-3470

47160 Hollstein Drive
Amherst, Ohio 44001

Facility Hours
Monday - Friday 6am - 8pm

Saturday 8am - 8pm

Sunday Noon - 5pm
(Labor Day - Memorial Day)

Noon - 8pm (Summer Hours)

What better way to cool off in the summer months than to play in a large water play area? Children of all ages and abilities will be able to use the area and enjoy the play features. The water area will have different settings to accomodate children with different developmental disabilities. Children in wheelchairs will be able to use ponchos to protect the wheelchair as they roll through one water feature after another. Water will also be shut off that sprays up for children in wheelchairs or using walkers. With a schedule of when to activate different settings, the water play area will be a fun place for children to enjoy.

As a special way to thank those who have made the outdoor project a reality through monetary donations, a wall of tiles has been constructed. Donors created their own tile and dedicated these tiles to be part of the art wall, which doubles as a seating area. The art wall will continue to grow over the years as we continue to expand along the wall.

Amherst Ohio Visitor Guide