Amherst Ohio Visitor Guide

Amherst Public Library

(440) 988-4230

221 Spring St, Amherst, OH 44001

      Monday: 9AM–8:30PM
      Tuesday: 9AM–8:30PM
Wednesday: 9AM–8:30PM
    Thursday: 9AM–8:30P

          Friday: 10AM–5PM
     Saturday: 10AM–5PM
        Sunday: 1PM–5PM

The Amherst Public Library, a dynamic civic resource, provides residents of the Amherst School District, South Amherst and Brownhelm Township with resources and support to use information in many formats. It stimulates and facilitates literacy in all its forms, provides quality collections and effective use of evolving technologies. The Library emphasizes public participation and outreach and creates forums and gathering places to engage in cultural and educational programs and partnerships.

Amherst Ohio Visitor Guide